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Hi! My name is Treasa. This is a picture of the farm that we currently call "Home"

          Below you can click on our names to see pictures of us & some of the horses, as well as other interests we have.

 "Our little Pookie"
Alexxis was born in 1992.
NickName - Lexy, or Pookie.
Lexy has had a true love with animals since she was about 8 months old, and when she turned 4 she had a special spot in her heart for horses.
Also around age 4, Lexy decided she wants to be a vet when she grows up, and that is still her goal today. We will be beside her every step of the way, to help her achieve this goal.
Ever hear of "A little girl who would rather clean a stall then her bedroom?"
This is our little Alexxis!

 "Our Little Buckeroo"
Jacobs NickName is "Jake".
Jake was born in 1997.
Jake dreams of being a bull rider, and on a roping team when he gets a little bigger. He practices roping EVERYTHING, including his sisters!
Jake dreams of these things since he thinks he is already a true cowboy!
Jake also has a love for horses, with our horse Cloud, being his favorite.
Jake will be showing minis this summer and is very excited about this!

 "Our Little Miracle"
NickName- Ally.
Alyssa was born in 1999.
Alyssa was born 6 weeks early, and had a little fight in front of her, but she was a real trooper, and made it through everything with flying colors!
Alyssa loves hanging out in the barn, with the barn cats being her favorite.
She is now 2 years old and has caught right up with every other 2 year old we know.


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