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          This page is dedicated to our brightest Star Robert who is no longer with us physically, but whose spirit still dances, and whose soul rests gently in our hearts.

Jake with Robert          Lexy with Robert

          Recently I read an article online that talked about how to handle grief when you have to put your horse down because of a chronic condition or due to a serious incident or problem.  I never really thought it would concern us but now our family is in the grieving process.  We lost our Robert on 6/12/02.  He's at peace now, resting beneath a big tree close to the barn.
          I'd like to share some of the suggestions I remember from the article as well as some of my own.  If you ever find yourselves in such a situation, I hope you'll find something here to help.
          KEEP A JOURNAL...  Write stories about the fun times together.  Include good times & the bad.  All of those experiences, the trials & the triumphs all were a part of your time with your special animal & have a place in your heart.  One day you may be able to look back at the pages, & even if there's still a tear in your eye, you'll find a warm feeling in your heart that comes from knowing a special friend.
          TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!...  Video's would be great too.  Don't be afraid to look at them when you're missing him the most.
          SHARE YOUR FEELINGS...  Especially with friends or family who feel the same way about their animals.  You'll need to be around others who share or understand the bond between a human & an animal.  Turn to people you know through e-mail or an equestine newsletter or group.
          READ POEMS & STORIES...  Sometimes reading things that others have written helps you to understand your own emotions.  Grief is a part of the healing process.  Allow yourself the freedom to experience all your emotions.
          Lastly, MOVE ON...  Keep your heart open & find that space in your heart that will allow you to love & bond with another horse.  Channel your energies on others who need your care & devotion.  By doing this you are completing the grieving process & will become an even more enriched & loving person because of the experience.

And always,..


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